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"Ode to the Peninsula" Is a small collection of photos taken on 35mm film. I plan to add to it but for now, you can get a look through my eyes at the small intricacies that I have noticed about my home state of Florida and its apparent hold on my very being. It is both a lamenting and appreciation of the time I have spent here from birth to adulthood.  Many escape the swamps, but if you linger too long you might become a part of it...

“I’ve been struck by Max Maldonado’s character and dedication.  In Broadcast Journalism, Max has excelled in teasing out interesting angles, cultivating credible sources, asking smart questions, and producing stories that are both intelligent and engaging.  His first assignment was a radio piece looking at emergency services available for local sports events such as high school football games. Max rose to the challenge of gathering official interviews, though local school officials can be difficult to reach.  He also found a creative way to open the story, drawing a comparison between college football and high school football.  And he put a great deal of care into refining the audio in his interview bites.”

—  Kevin M. Petrich, Ph.D.

Senior Instructor of Communication Studies, Florida Atlantic University

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