I have been documenting some of the Black Lives Matter protests within the West Palm Beach area. The photos in this post are among some of the thousands I took on June 6th. The person center of this image is Weidmayer Pierre a 19-year-old activist that is inspiring so many people of all ages to march for what they believe in. He has been a central figure in some of the local TV news coverage and I want to shine some more light on his part within the Black Lives Matter Movement. On this day hundreds of people joined the ranks in an attempt to march towards Palm Beach from Dreher Park. "I can't breathe!" were some of the final words of George Floyd, a black man that was murdered at the hands of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and also the rallying cry for so many that protest in his memory.
Three times we were halted by police and redirected.The first blockade occurred at the bridge from Southern to Palm Beach island. The reason for the blockade could be seen from where I and the other protesters stood: The shiny palace that was Mar O Lago.

The second police block happened near the Belvedere entrance to I-95, where dozens of officers prevented the protesters from moving forward. Their fear: another march on I-95. Shouts of condemnation against the police were as plentiful as the hot June air. Eventually, Mr. Pierre called for order from behind the mic of a police car and, again, we marched peacefully.

Our most tense standoff occurred off of Southern Blvd in the Ultra Lounge parking lot, where police corralled us in. Protesters and police stood eye to eye, the only thing separating us is the clear plastic of a riot shield. And over their shoulder and the reason for this blockade: The Trump International Golf Course. Eventually, we were allowed to march again but also we were again redirected. Thankfully we returned back to Dreher Park safely. Mr. Pierre thanked all those in attendance for their time and their help and urged them to keep the pressure on.