On June 20th, another Black Lives Matter protest was held at Dreher Park off of Southern Boulevard. Again led by Weidmayer Pierre the protest began with impassioned speeches by protesters as they began for the march ahead. Once foot touched pavement the procession of marchers made their way down Southern, police keeping pace in an effort to stop traffic from harming anyone. Again they were heading towards a place they were stopped once before. 


Mar O Lago. 


This time, however, the protesters were not halted by officers armed with military-grade weapons, instead, the bridge towards President Donald Trump's Palm Beach was unobstructed and without a person in sight. Save the men fishing off the sides. Here the protesters were given a choice by Widmayer. Either follow him to give a candlelight vigil at the seawall or cross the bridge to follow another protester, Mark Offerman, to protest in front of Mar O Lago.

Once choices were made the groups broke apart and headed down their respective paths. At the vigil LED candles were passed among protesters. Backdropped by a giant floating Trump balloon. The vigil was held to honor the memory of those that were killed at the hands of the police. Once the vigil ended the two groups rejoined and marched once more in step.