When Spanish River High School football player, Miles Levine, suffered a near-fatal brain injury after being sacked at an away game back in  August of 2018, paramedics immediately rushed him to the hospital where he would later have emergency brain surgery. Today, Levine is alive thanks to the efforts of the E.M.T's, but the event raised a question: "Should there be mandatory staffing of paramedics at every high school football game?" 

Paramedics and Highschools - Max Maldonado
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Paramedic Presence at HighShools.

Grant For the Boynton P.D. -
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Technology and law

In October of 2018, the Boynton Beach Police Department received a nearly, half-million dollar grant from the federal government to purchase crime prevention software. In reporting for this story I found out what exactly this grant was meant for and why the Mayor of Boynton Beach is not exactly thrilled to receive it. 

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